nanoAnalytics was founded in 1999. Since 2001 it is an owner-managed german GmbH. In its two divisions nanoAnalytics provides its customers professional analytical solutions:

We are a service laboratory specialised on materials characterization in the area of surface, interface and micro analysis.

Our toolbuilding division offers analytical equipment to be used in your laboratory.

Materials Characterization

  • We analyze surfaces and interfaces with most modern measuring devices down to the micro- and nanometer range.
  • We advise you on issues regarding analytical solutions, as typically occur in the production, quality assurance, and research and development.
  • We develop innovative approaches to answer your questions in the fields of surface analysis, failure analysis, materials analysis, thin film analysis, for development support, process control, quality control or reverse engineering.

Details on our analytical services


  • We develop innovative equipment in the field of measurement and analysis technology.
  • We produce our units in Germany with the highest quality standards.
  • We market our products in cooperation with our distribution partners worldwide.

Details on our products