The latest generation of our cell monitoring system has been launched recently. Discover the main features and improvements in our brochure.


cellZscope2 - Cell Module

The cellZscope® is a device for measuring the transepithelial / -endothelial impedance of cell layers under physiological conditions. It is computer-controlled and allows automated, long-term monitoring experiments with up to 24 different cell cultures simultaneously. Various types of barrier-forming cells cultured on the permeable membranes of standard cell culture inserts can be analyzed.

The ohmic resistance (TER, transepithelial / -endothelial resistance) and capacitance (Ccl) of the cell layers under investigation are provided as convenient readout parameters. The cellZscope is easy to operate and has a broad range of possible applications. In particular, it is ideally suited for studying the influence of substances such as drugs, toxins etc. on the barrier function of cell layers.