The assessment of surface cleanliness in the field of cleaning industrial parts is a complex issue. Very different materials and problems have to be covered. In addition to particle contaminations, residual material from previous processes play an important role. Depending on the problem different analytical techniques can be used.

The analysis of particle contamination in the automotive sector is regulated (e.g. VDA 19 "Examining the technical cleanliness - particulate contamination of functionally relevant automotive components"). For many other areas, in particular for filmy contamination, such regulations do not exist till now.

Cleanliness analysis does not only deal with residuals from production or cleaning processes. Also contamination of components during storage may be of interest. Also during storage or transportation the surfaces of a product can be contaminated resulting in failures in the following processing or usage.

The analytical techniques therefore always have to be adapted to the circumstances and related questions. The team of nanoAnalytics will assist you with your questions. Please contact us.

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