Upgrade your cellZscope


Dear cellZscope user,

As you might have already heard, the latest cellZscope models came with many improvements compared to our first device. Especially, the cleaning procedure has been substantially simplified.

I am pleased to inform you that cellZscope1 users can also benefit from the new design by means of a simple and affordable upgrade.
Your cellZscope Controller is fully compatible with the Cell Module of the new cellZscope+ system. So instead of maintaining or refurbishing your existing system, you might consider to get just the new Cell Module and keep using your Controller. Then your cellZscope system will be 100% up to date again.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us or your local distributor.

Kind regards,
Johannes Sondhauss

cellZscope+ bottom electrodes

Individual stainless steel bottom electrodes can be easily sterilized.

cellZscope+ top electrodes

Magnetically attached top electrodes make cleaning a snap.

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