How are your cells today?
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cellZscope systems measure the transepithelial electrical resistance TEER of cell layers automatically under physiological conditions.

  • Accurate impedance readouts
  • Compatible with standard cell culture inserts
  • Computer-controlled recording of TEER and Ccl

Available cellZscope Models...

cellZscope models are ideally suited for quality control of your cell lines or for studying the influence of substances such as drugs, toxins etc. on the barrier function of cell layers.

How It Works...

How are your cells today?

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cellZscope E

The entry-level model with 6 individual wells

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cellZscope +

24 individual wells, measurement of TEER and Ccl

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cellZscope 2

24 individual wells, measurement of TEER and Ccl with handy docking station

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cellZscope 3

The high-end cellZscope for measurement of TEER and Ccl with up to 96§ individual wells

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Time resolution of different models

Key features

  cZs E cZs + cZs 2 cZs 3
Output parameters TEER TEER, Ccl TEER, Ccl TEER, Ccl
Number of wells 6 24 24 24 (96§)
Supported insert sizes 6-/12-/24-well 6-/12-/24-well 6-/12-/24-well 6-/12-/24-well
Different insert sizes combinable
Works with standard cell culture inserts
Wells / Electrodes autoclavable
Measuring interval adjustable  
High-speed measurement    
Docking Station    
Up to 4 Cell Modules per Controller      

Stick to your favourite
cell culture insert!

cellZscope systems are compatible with a variety of standard cell culture inserts from different manufacturers. Electrodes for use with “24-well” type, “12-well” type, or “6-well” type inserts are available. No additional device-specific disposables are required.

List of compatible cell culture inserts...

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