Choosing the right technique

Selection of the appropriate analytical technique is of particular importance and has a decisive impact on the quality of analytical results. Here you can rely on the long experience in nanoAnalytics..

Prior to the analysis, the following points will be planned in collaboration with our Clients:

  • What is the issue is in detail?
  • To answer the question of the customer: Do we need Information about elemental composition of the sample, information on chemical compounds or the morphology of the sample?
  • Is a quantitative analysis required or shall a qualitative comparisons be made?
  • Are special precautions necessary when handling the samples?
  • With what resolution the investigation must be carried out? (Lateral / vertical dimensions such as size of the defective area or the thickness of a layer to be examined.)
  • What has to be considered when taking the samples?
  • Are the available samples suitable for the intended analytical techniques
  • Is a Special sample preparation or pretreatment necessary?

Identify vulnerabilities, improve products,
reduce downtime due to faulty material

We are an independent testing laboratory privately owned. Our quality management operates according to ISO 9001, and we are accredited as a testing laboratory according to ISO 17025. Our interdisciplinary team has many years of experience in the field of surface analysis. This experience and most modern analytical tools allow us to analyze different Kind of sample systems for you..

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