Regularly in spring, we offer a round robin for EDS. An opportunity to compete with many other EDS users. Each of the over 50 participants will receive an equivalent sample whose quantitative composition has to be determined.

The interlaboratory comparison 2021 is allready finished.
Those interested in the next proficiency test please Contact nanoAnalytics.

As a participant you have multiple benefits from interlaboratory comparisons:

  • You can evaluate the reliability of your EDX system
  • You can illustrate your expertise as part of a certification or accreditation
  • The sample remains in your possession as a long-term durable reference material, which you can use to monitor your EDS equipment, internal training etc.

The fee for participation in the interlaboratory test is as follows:

  • Basic price is € 200 including one participant number, one sample and z-score analysis of the result. Payable after receiving the sample.
    (Each participant number can send in ONE measurement result.)
  • For participants outside of Germany we charge additionally € 50 (postage and packing of the sample).

The results of the test are presented anonymous in a summarizing report. Each participant can identify himself by his unique subscriber number.

For questions please contact us via our contact form.