cellZscope E
... our entry model for automated TEER measurement.

The cellZscopeE combines the conventional reliability and quality of our systems and goes easy on the budget.

Main features are:

  • Automatic determination of TEER
  • Full compatibilty with a broad range of standard cell culture inserts
  • Cell Module can be loaded with 6 inserts simultaneously
  • Time resolution per well: 1 datapoint/hour
  • Upgrade to cellZscope+ possible
cellZscopeE - TEER measuring device for the small budget
Detailed specification cZsE

Dimensions (L×W×H)

Controller 26 cm × 6 cm × 27 cm
(10.2 in × 2.4 in × 10.6 in)
Cell Module 18 cm × 15 cm × 7 cm
(7.1 in × 6.0 in × 2.8 in)
Space required in incubator 26 cm × 20 cm × 9 cm
(10.2 in × 7.9 in × 3.6 in)

Connector Cable

Length 150 cm (59 in)
Cross section (W×T) 15 mm × 4 mm
(0.6 in × 0.16 in)
Usually the ribbon cable can be simply fed through the front door of the incubator.

Measurement Parameters

Frequency range 1 Hz to 100 kHz
Measurement time for 6 wells ~ 5 min
Time resolution per well 1 datapoint/hour

Cell Module

Number of wells 6
6-well size
12-well size
24-well size


Power Supply 100 – 240 Vac; 0.8 A; 47 – 63 Hz
Recommended specifications for the control computer - QuadCore with 1.6 GHz processor speed
- 8 GB RAM
- USB 2.0 port
Compatible OS Microsoft Windows® 7/8/10/11
cellZscopeE - Lid

The innovative design of the lid provides investigators full apical and basolateral access to all wells.

cellZscope - Lid2

The lid is made of highest quality stainless steel providing excellent compatibility with all standard cleaning and sterilization methods.

cellZscopeE Cell Module

Different sizes of cell culture inserts fit into the cellZscopeE Cell Module.

Upgrade your cellsZscope E
for increased throughput and performance.

Owner of the cellZscopeE do have the opportunity to upgrade their system. There are two ways to improve a cellZscopeE system (see diagram below).

  • Upgrade A affects the measurement electronics and the software. The Controller will be equipped with an additional module. This results in an additional output parameter (cell layer capacitance Ccl), an enhanced measurement performance and extra software features. The Controller and software are then similar to those of the cellZscope+.
  • Upgrade B includes all improvements coming with Upgrade A and an additional Cell Module with 24 individual wells (cellZscope+ Cell Module). This results in a full cellZscope+ system. And of course the cellZscopeE Cell Module also remains at the customer site.
Upgrade from cellZscopeE to cellZscope+

Detailed upgrade options

  cellZscope E Upgrade A Upgrade B
Output parameters TEER TEER, Ccl TEER, Ccl

Enhanced measurement performance, icluding:
- Increased time resolution
- Freely customizable measurement intervals
- Measurement frequency range adjustable

Additional software features, including:
- Raw data accessible
- Additional options for data fitting
cellZscopeE Cell Module with 6 wells
cellZscope+ Cell Module with 24 wells    


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