EXPLORE surface functionalization

We are excited to partner with n.able GmbH to present you the Molecular Printer- a flexible and easy tool for surface functionalization on nano- and microscales.

Surface Functionalization with Molecular Printer

Molecular Printer developed by n.able GmbH is a perfect tool for fast and flexible surface and device functionalization. It is compatible with a vast selection of printing tools and can deposit a great variety of molecular inks on various surface chemistries and topographies.

Modularity of the printer adds another level of flexibility to execute your printing process swiftly and precisely.


Applications of the printer are diverse and range from bio-medical studies on printed protein, lipids and antibody arrays to basic material research with inks composed of catalysts and 2D materials.


To learn more on the Molecular Printer and other products and services offered by n.able GmbH you can email Sylwia and Uwe directly at info@n-able-innovation.com or visit their website


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