Full control
of experiment and results with the cellZscope software!

The cellZscope comes with customized software which provides full instrument control including user defined experiment setup and automated data acquisition.

Furthermore, it features comprehensive tools for displaying and statistically analyzing data as well as printing and exporting results.

Overview of the spectra during the TEER measurement.

The user interface is geared to easy operation of the instrument. Main features are:

  • Schedule measurements by specifying time intervals for data acquisition according to experimental requirements,
  • monitor results in real time,
  • enter individual well descriptions and notes,
  • log and annotate all experimental events.
Clear presentation of the results with additional analysis options.

The cellZscope software allows to monitor and record all relevant parameters during the course of the experiment, in particular it provides the

  • transepithelial endothelial electric resistance TEER and the
  • electric capacitance Ccl

of the cell layer as easy readout parameters.

Convenient export options for TEER and Ccl data.

User-friendly functions for exporting cellZscope data into popular file formats are included, making seminar and manuscript preparations a breeze.

cellZscope customers are welcome to contact us for the latest software if needed.

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