The following questions are frequently asked. We hope that this section will be helpful for you. If your question is not answered, we would be happy to receive your message.

How long is the typical turn around time of an analysis?

The turn around time of an analysis depends on the nature and extent of the task to be performed. A written report will usually be available within 6 to 10 days after we received your sample and order. If you prefer we also offer an express service. Please contact us if you are interested.

Which kind of samples can be analyzed?

In general an investigation is possible of almost all surfaces, that is solids, powders, partly also liquids. This also applies to electrical insulating materials. In case of geometrical complex samples (e.g. with curvature, bigger samples, analysis inside of holes). If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide advice to you. 

What should be kept in mind when sampling?

When taking samples for the analysis, please be careful not to contaminate the surface area to be examined. This could happen by the tools used, by any liquids or your hands. If you need to cut the sample from a larger area, covering the area to be analyzed by clean filter paper or household aluminum foil as recommended.
A guide for sampling, sample treatment and sample packaging is provided by nanoAnalytics. Please contact us if you need any advice.

Download the guide for sampling and sample handling prior to surface analysis

Which information should be shipped together with the sample?

If you send samples, please add at least the following information:

  • A description of the problem / your question
  • A list of the samples provided with the exact sample names
  • Possibly the desired analysis technology
  • If necessary, the position of the measuring points (possibly with photos of the sample)
  • Your contact details (telephone number and / or email address)

This information helps us to complete your analysis request as fast as possible.

What is the typical course of actions for an analytical task?

Here at nanoAnalytics we set an high value on top-quality and customer-focused order processing. It takes only a few steps to easily and fast attain your analytical results:

1. We discuss your aims and objectives and advise you regarding sample taking and the analytical approach.

2.  You take samples.

3. Samples are transferred to us.

4. We prepare your samples for the respective analyses and perform these using the methods agreed upon.

5. We analyze the results, where applicable consolidate the findings of different methods, and interpret the results for you.

6. You receive a report from us, which is informative and focused on answering your questions. As a matter of course we are at your disposal to answer further questions and to discuss the results with you.


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